23 November 2011


Spotted this little fella on our way to church last Sunday.    Zoë was scared of it and didn’t even want to go past this guy.  We had to hold her hand and shield her before she would even move.  He did look a little bit scary.  When I was trying to take pictures of him, he was actually swivelling his body around following me whenever I moved.  A bit creepy.


image NapTime MomTog


Susan said...

They are eerie! But oh so neat at the same time. Great capture!

project alicia said...

Fabulous capture. Unfortunately I have seen many of these up close and personal. lol.

Happy WW! Thanks for linking up!

Erin said...

Ohhh they are creepy but in such a cool sort of way!
They are good luck too!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Erika B said...

He does actually look a bit creepy! Great colors though.

Erika B

tinajo said...

Aaaaaaaah - an alien! Oh wait, he was a bit cute...

Aaaaaaaah - a cute alien!

Oh wait, maybe I should save my shouting for the scary aliens..?

Yeah, I´ll do just that. And I can feel that you´re OK with that decision. :-D

a happy little life said...

They are beautiful but also creep me out! I had one snatch at my ankle once in the grass. CREEPY.
I give you lots of points for snapping it's picture. It really is a great shot :)
XOX Tracie

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