18 December 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Joy

1.  What is it? – Josh is big into chess these days.  Let me rephrase that.  He’s always been interested in chess, but it’s only lately that he’s started to really get the hang of it and actually win against the computer and other people he’d play with without us letting him win.  He has gotten a lot better at strategizing and planning way ahead for his moves.  Here, Josh was playing against my dad and won, fair and square.  (The What Is It part of this entry is the piece he’s picking up… a Disney princess eraser to stand in for the knight that we’ve misplaced!)




2.  Children Sleeping – (From the archives)  Josh having his afternoon nap.




3.  Joy – This image represents joy in two ways:  (1) This photo was taken during a play date with one of her best friends, B.  Zoë loves play dates.  You could clearly see the joy in her face here.  (2)  If there is ever one word to describe what Zoë has brought to our lives, it’s joy.  Oh such, such joy.




4.  Window  - We don’t get snow here, ever, so to make up for it, I let the kids put up these removable cling stickers on our window.




5.  Half – This is one of the cookie ornaments that one half of my children made.  Josh a bit under the weather and was napping at the time when Zoë and her friend decorated the cookie ornaments. 



Happily Mother After


Dorian Susan said...

Your children are so beautiful-and you capture their beauty inside and out. If Josh is winning at chess and strategizing-you are in for some trouble. Too smart too young. Have a great day.

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