17 January 2012


January is a birthday month in our house.  First Chris’, then a few days later, Josh’s. 

This is Chris’ cake that I’d baked for him.  I’d burnt the bottom and you could see the parts where it’s unevenly baked.  I blame my cake mould or the fan in my oven… or both.  Not sure if Chris was just being nice, but he said it tasted good.  The kids loved it.  But then they have a sweet tooth.  That and the fact that this has cream cheese frosting, which is always a hit.


Made some mini-bundts and cupcakes with the leftover batter.


Josh and Zoë helped with decorating the cupcakes.


One more cake to bake –for Josh’s birthday later this week.  After that,  I think I’m done with baking for the month. 

Study 1 - black border (resized 150)


Maddy said...

Looks absolutely delicious!! February is a big birthday month for our family :)

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