03 January 2012

A Day at the Farm

We took the children over to a local farm on New Year’s Eve.   While it was a long way away and we got lost getting there, it was really worth the trip.  We live in the city and going to a farm is always a treat.


The children  got to ride a horse,

feed the koi, feed the goats and the oxen,
play in the elaborate rope gym,

and “catch” their own goldfish.  Yes, we now have four goldfish.


I’m not very sure, but this goat might have been one of the goats that helped themselves to our lunch.  We had to quickly pack up our food, while trying to ward off the goats and move to the dining area. So much for enjoying our food at one of the outdoor tables. 


That aside, we had a wonderful time at the farm and we might go back later this month when the strawberries are ripe enough for picking.


Susan said...

Oh such fun! Love that you actually caught your new fish!

Wanda said...

Wow...my girls would have loved that farm. Such fun.

Nezzy said...

Oh, I wanna an elaborate rope gym here on the Ponderosa!!! It would go great with gate rides and bale jumpin'!

What wonderful pictures girl, ya can tell everyone had a blast...even the critter!

God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!

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