10 January 2012

Family Hike

We decided to go on a hike on Sunday up at Parkview at one of the Tai Tam Family Walk trails.   The weather was perfect.  The children were game.  We were in the company of good friends and their two kids.  


The children grabbed some sticks and merrily took off.  My friend and I brought up the rear while the hubbies went ahead with the children.  We chatted.  I stopped to take pictures.  What could be a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon?



I had on my 1.8/50mm lens when I took the shot above, but switched to my kit lens shortly afterwards.  It was much easier with the zoom on my kit lens when taking pictures of the kids, but I wish I’d kept the prime lens on.  Huge difference between the shot above and the ones below.


I wish I have a camera body for each lens (hah!).  If I do, the next thing you’d hear me wishing for would be extra arms to carry each camera and still be able to shoot effectively!



(Trying out a new “watermark.”  No, I am not planning to plaster every photo with it, but since it is new, –and as with many things new, –I like to play around with it some.  Indulge me, will you?)


Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

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