24 January 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon

Today marks the first day of the Year of the Dragon.  Josh told us that however this day goes, so go the rest of the days of the year.  A little fortune cookie nugget from our seven-year old. 


He’s full of these pithy sayings lately.  Over dinner tonight, Josh was reciting these left and right.  Some were deep; others were just plain silly.  Some, I know, he got from school; others, I’m guessing he made up –like this one: When a path leads to a dead end, use the other. Zoë, not to be outdone, came up with this:  If you feel sad, cry.   These two totally crack us up.

Study 1 - black border (resized 150)


Maddy said...

You've got some smart kids - just like their momma! I hope it was good one then, so you have a wonderful New Year!!

Susan said...

That is too funny! Hope your day went well per Josh's prediction! And that you didn't feel sad and have to cry per Zoe. Happy New Year!

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