09 January 2012

I Heart Faces | Best Face Photo of 2011

Out of the many photos that I had taken in 2011, this one here of the old man at Fort Langley has to be my favorite face photo.  Not counting my many favorite photos of my kids, of course.


Just looking at him, you could tell that he’s such an interesting character –the long hair, the tan leathery skin, those eyebrows, the eyes that miss nothing. He was giving a talk about how wooden barrels were made back in the olden days. What do I care about wooden barrels, but he kept me standing there and listening until he finished his demo and talk. I was more captivated by how efficiently he moved about, by the way his eyes would twinkle when he shared something funny, by the way he would impatiently sweep his hair to one side when it got in the way. 

If I drink beer, I’d offer to buy him a couple just to sit and listen.  You know that you’d get a good yarn or two out of him.



Melanie said...

This is simply a gorgeous portrait. I'm sure he has some stories to tell!

tinajo said...

I agree - it´s a super great shot (and I love his hair as well)! :-)

Maddy said...

Great pick for favorite photo of 2011. You're absolutely right! He definitely looks like someone that has many interesting stories to tell :)

Erika B said...

This is such and interesting face. Great choice!

Erika B

freckles & dimples said...

you are right....with his face and expression, you know he's got some stories to tell. nice capture!

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