23 January 2012

I Heart Faces | By the Book

Getting the children to love reading is very important to us.  That is why it is so heartening to see that Josh is such an avid reader.  These days when I don’t hear a peep out of him, I no longer worry that he is up to some mischief.  Chances are he is in his room reading.  If we have to go somewhere where he will have to do some kind of waiting, we always make sure that he has at least a book with him.  This way, we’d be spared the what’s taking so long? or the are we done yet? questions we usually get barely five minutes into the wait.




tinajo said...

We think alike in that matter - it´s been very important for me (and hubby) too that the rascals would love reading. Yesterday evening, my youngest read a book to me that he got as a birthday gift - and I kept thinking over and over how nice that felt. :-)

Erika B said...

I so agree!!! It is important to get them to love reading. My oldest loves it and the little one is just starting to put those word together. Love your shot!

Erika B

MG Atwood said...

He's really into it!

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