01 January 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

I’m participating in Ashley’s Memories, Dreams, and ReflectionsI love these photo round-ups at the end of the year.  It gives me a chance to take stock of the photos that I have taken this year; otherwise, they just sit in my hard drive and are, well, forgotten…. so, thanks, Ashley, for hosting this again.
1.  Me! – I had to ask Chris to take a photo of me.  I am hardly in any photo as I’m usually the one behind the camera.  This is me with my reading glasses on.  No escaping the fact that I’m over 40 now.  The eyesight is going, the pounds are creeping up, the bones creaking, the wrinkles multiplying… but darn it if I don’t feel like I’m still 33!  (Haha, I’m still as vain, though.  I didn’t blow this up as I normally do my other pictures, because I don’t want the imperfections magnified!)
2.  I Love You (and your Daddy, too!)
3.  Still Laughing… – Chris was standing behind me when I was taking pictures and telling them silly jokes, but I can’t remember now what joke it was.  Whatever it was, it totally cracked them up!
4.  Winter Wonderland – This is as close as we could get to a “winter wonderland,” –a holiday display at a local mall made out to look like the Snow Queen’s palace.
5. Birthday – Josh’s birthday cake.  Cookie Dough Brownie cake with chocolate ganache –yum!
Birthday cake
6.  Friends – Zoë with one of her best friends from school, B.  Do you remember how you had many, many best friends when you were that age?  These two are so cute together.   They will be going to different schools next year.  I hope we could still manage to get them together once in a while and that they’ll remember the fun times together.
7.  I Was Inspired… by Jessie from The Lucas Zoo for this photo below.  Jessie always has these beautiful photos with the black background and I’ve long admired the photos she takes.
8.  Spring Fever – Every spring I look forward to seeing these flame flowers on the trees.  The ones here were picked from the ground –a bit wilted, but the color’s still lovely.
9.  Travel or Vacation – Our visit to Seaside, OR this summer.
10.  Summer Days – Smores at the beach.  Yes, I know this photo doesn’t look very summery, what with Zoë wearing a jacket and all, but summer in Oregon by the sea was a bit chilly.
11.  A Day in My Life – Went out for a walk with Zoë… of course, she had to stop and randomly pose and ask me to take her picture.
12.  All Smiles – At a friend’s house for a play date.
13.  Autumn Harvest – Truth be told, I am not sure if these wax apples are autumn fruits or not.
14.  Family – New members of our family… the goldfish!  The kids “won” these at the farm we visited today.
15.  Celebrate! – On account of our house being invaded by all things Angry Birds this Christmas, we got these two Angry Birds cake to round up Christmas Day.  (They look better than they taste, but Josh and Zoë were thrilled!).
16.  Let’s Do It Again! – We had a great tea experience at The Urban Tea Merchants.  Would love to go there again.High-Tea-Collage1
17.  I Miss You – I miss these kiddos.  We only see our nephews and niece every summer.  I wish they don’t live oceans away.  Thank goodness for Skype.  We can’t wait to see them and get the kids together again this summer!
18.  Beautiful – My pretty niece!
19.  Dress Up – Zoë dressed up as a flower child for Halloween.
20.  Macro – One of the emus at the farm that we visited with the kids today.  (Technically not a macro, but …)
21.  Holidays – One of the many Christmas gifts they received.  We’ve been playing this almost every night and even Zoë joins in.  She started as the scorekeeper, but now she’s playing along with us and manages to get Qwirkles, too!
22.  My Favorite – One of my favorites, anyway.
23.  Don’t Ever Change – I want this little girl to always stay as sweet as she is… even when she gets to be a teenager.  Am I asking too much?
24.  Just Because… So There! – I’ve always loved this photo of our four-leaf clovers.  Sonya (Cooking with Sonya) sent them to me from the Netherlands way back in May and they’re still going strong more than half a year later!
25.  Hopes and Dreams – Here’s to much happiness, peace in our hearts, good health, and lots of laughter in 2012!
(This is a lily at my friend’s pond.)

Happy new year, everyone!


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great set. wishing you a beautiful 2012!

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