22 January 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Colorful

1. Colorful – Cupcakes at our godson’s birthday party. He and Josh have the same birthday. His younger brother’s birthday is just one day after Zoë’s. That’s why we are hardly ever able to make it to each other’s parties, as we tend to have them on the same weekends!




2.  Sunset – I didn’t have a chance to be out during sunset this week, so this one is from the archives.  Taken this summer.




3.  Black and White – We rode the MTR (mass transit railway) all the way to Discovery Bay and back today.  This was towards the end of the line, hence the many empty seats.




4.  Four




5.  A Day in My Life -  I made beef curry with fruits this weekend. The first recipe I’d tried with my slow cooker. I’d modified the recipe a bit and substituted/added stuff. Ingredients (apart from the beef): Pineapple chunks. peach slices, cranberries, onions, lots of coriander, pepper, salt, orange juice, brown sugar, all-purpose flour (I didn’t have quick-cooking tapioca), curry powder. I will be making this again, but I might try chicken or pork next time.




Happily Mother After


Susan said...

MMM cupcakes! Love your beautiful sunset shot, the sunspots are gorgeous! The beef curry sounds delish too!

Lea's Menagerie said...

Great photos!
Starting with cupcakes and ending with beef curry - you are making me hungry!

MG Atwood said...

Oh my, that sunset shot takes my breath away! Lovely set as usual. have a great week!

Brooke said...

Yummy Findings!! xoxo! Brooke

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