29 January 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Smile

1. Smile – My little girl posing for me and asking me to take her picture.  The hands cradling her cheeks?  All hers.  That little hint of a smile?  All hers.  She ‘art directs’ herself. I simply take the photos.




2.  Stand Alone – Our lunch and dinner today –pineapple fried rice (fresh pineapple chunks, shrimps, cranberries, button mushrooms, minced pork, peanuts, beans, garlic, and lots of coriander.  Topped with a sprinkling of dried meat floss).  One-dish meal.  I hate having leftovers; plus, making a big enough batch to last us two meals means I only have to cook once today!




3.  Rusty or Something Old




4.  Artificial – Yes, these are CD’s.  We visited our friends’ farm today.  In place of real scarecrows, they hang these CD’s on strings to scare away the birds.  These here are just their extra CDs.  I wish I’d taken a picture of the ones that they have hanging in the fields.  They look pretty cool, all silvery and reflective amidst the field of green.




5.  Repeating Pattern



Happily Mother After


Saun said...

Love her smile

MG Atwood said...

Lovely set. Smile and repeating patterns are my favorites. Have a great week!

Susan said...

Love that shot of Zoe, such a sweetie! Oh, I love pineapple fried rice! I have never had it with cranberries and think that sounds so much better than the standard raisins you get here. Yum! Such a pretty repeating pattern too! Have a great week!

Ida said...

What a nice series.
First that Smile...Oh that could melt your heart!
Stand Alone - Yum!
Artificial - Very unique and interesting.
Rusty - Very pretty and I loved the touch of the green plant.
Repeating Pattern, So beautiful.

Melanie said...

Wow! I loved each take bunches! Your lil cutie has the sweetest smile,& holy cow... your artificial shot was fabulous!

Erika B said...

Love that smile!

Erika B

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