15 January 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Sweet

I’d missed the first Scavenger Hunt Sunday of 2012 last week.  I hope not to miss any for the rest of the year.  I’d missed picking up the camera and finding joy in taking pictures.  Maybe it’s the winter blahs, perhaps it’s the holiday madness.  Whatever it is, I. am. back!

1.  Winter Wonderland – Zoë got to play with fake snow at her best friend’s house. They had a blast making snow muffins.


3.  Sweet – Blueberry smash for the blueberry cake that I baked for Chris for his birthday.  (6oz blueberries – mashed; 1/3 cup granulated sugar; 2 tsp lemon juice ~> All combined and cooked over medium heat until thickened (around 8 minutes).  Cool in fridge; to be folded in with vanilla cake batter.  {Recipe from Kiss My Bundt.)


3. Stacked Up – Some masks for a school project stacked up on a table in the Art Center.


4.  Hole – Some holes in the veggies on the rooftop garden at Josh’s school.  Each year level has a little plot where they plant different vegetables.


5.  Frozen – I’d managed to get through all the other prompts halfway through the week.  This ColdHot Pack from the freezer was a last-minute find.

Happily Mother After


Danelle said...

What a gorgeous set! I love the fake snow. How fun!

MG Atwood said...

Very creative this week. the first shot is my favorite. Have a glorious week!

Serline said...

Welcome back...I missed the first Scavenger Hunt Sunday too. I love the shot of Zoe's messy happy hands. Cute and fun mask!:P

Brianne said...

I really like the hole picture!

Susan said...

YEAH! Glad you are back! Love the snow muffins and the great masks!

tinajo said...

Your comment box is really weird - the photos however are as always great! Love the snow cupcakes! :-)

Erika B said...

Love the shot of the fake snow! I actually thought it looked like sugar at first.

Erika B

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