07 February 2012

Cauli Popcorn

Have you noticed that I’d been posting more food-related pictures than usual?  Well, that is because I’d been practically living in my kitchen for the past 2+ weeks.  My helper had been away.  I occasionally do the cooking, but these past two weeks, I’ve had to do some menu planning as I was in charge of each and every meal.  Surprisingly, I’d actually enjoyed it.  I had a chance to experiment with new recipes and try out my slow cooker (bought specifically to help me on those days when I’m out the whole day ferrying the kids to and from their various activities!).

Here is another shot of the pretty cauliflower.  Even cut up, it still looks pretty, doesn’t it?  It looks like a bowl of pretty popcorn!  Sort of.



Maddy said...

I have a slow cooker that's been collecting dust. Thanks for reminding me! maybe I'll whip it out this wek :)

freckles and dimples said...

i love cauliflower! the florets on these look smaller than what i usually get, do they taste the same? Post pics of what you made :)

likeschocolate said...

I could eat that! Yummy!

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