22 February 2012

Feeding Fishies

One of the highlights of our trip last week.


The resort used to have a basket of bread by the towel counter and we could help ourselves to the bread to feed the fish.  They don’t have that anymore.  Now it’s BYOB – bring your own bread.

The fish –mostly sergeant-major fish, –swarm around you once they know you’re there to feed them.  If you stick your hand beneath the surface with a big chunk of bread, they would even nibble off your hand.  Quite a cool experience for the kids.


tinajo said...

Wow, this looks so cool and fun! Love the yellow on the fish! :-)

Maddy said...

So cool! Though I bet the fishes rubbing by my legs would totally freak me out!

Teresa said...

How fun! That would be very exciting for kids. I love how crystal clear that water is.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shot! I love those hats. :-)

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