21 February 2012

My Frangipani Princess | Giving Notice

As I was snuggling in bed with her tonight, Zoë made an important announcement: “Mommy, I can sleep by myself when I am 20.”  Good to know.  A little over 15 years more and I can stop climbing onto bed with her and sneaking out when she’s finally dozed off.


I really don’t mind all that much, though.  I love snuggling with her and feeling her warm breath on me, taking in her sweet after-bath smell, feeling her little round frame against mine.  She likes us to lie facing each other with our arms wrapped around like in a hug.  Or spoon-style –with her holding tight to the hand that I have across her tummy.  So that she’ll feel it when I try to sneak out.  I’ve been caught out a few times.


Sure, she says 20; who’s to say how much longer I’ll be doing this. She might decide to be a “big girl” one day out of the blue and I know I will miss climbing into bed and snuggling with her.

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