26 February 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Crossed

I haven’t really taken out my camera much since we came back from our trip.  I just feel like having another vacation, what with the weather here being cold and wet this week.  Most of the photos for this week are from our trip last week.  I still have a ton to go through and sort out.

1.  Crossed – We arrived for the dinner buffet early enough one night that I could walk around and take shots of the food while they were still “untouched.”  I love how they laid out the spoons, crisscrossing them down the platter.  With the wide array of food on hand, I didn’t get to try this, but I think this was a ham-wrapped melon (or mango) cube.


2.  A Glimpse – Here is a “glimpse” of the fun I had with my new toy.  I got an underwater point-and-shoot right before our trip!  I didn’t want to be lugging my DSLR to the beach or the pool and risk damaging it.   Josh diving between Chris’ legs –sans goggles, because his broke.


3.  Handwriting – Josh has dictation tests every Friday.  It started a couple of weeks ago.  The first week, he had only five characters to memorize.  Last week, he had 10.  This week, he had 11.  He comes home from school and practices writing 2-3 characters on a little notebook I got him.  He’s not happy about having to do that.  To master Chinese characters, one has to practice writing them –over and over again. 


4.  Bliss

5.  Gray – On our first day there, there was no hint of sun at all.  It was gray and gloomy and it was raining a bit.  This pic was taken from the resort’s shuttle bus on our way to town to stock up on snacks and drinks.  This is a typical “jeepney” –a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines. 



Anonymous said...

These are so good! I love the food on spoons shot,and the public transport one.

MG Atwood said...

Nice series. I love underwater photography! Have fun with that. Your gray shot is amazing..it tells such a story. The crossed shot is genius. I want to try that for sure! Have a fun holiday.

My Inner Chick said...

--Fabulous shots.

What are the delectable sweets at the top? How beautifully they are presented!

Ida said...

Super Set of Photos. - They are all just wonderful.
My top 2 favorites:
Bliss - So cute!
Crossed - Yum and what an interesting way to display food.

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