19 February 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | LOVE

All of the photos this week are from our trip to Cebu this week.  It’s been such a lovely, lovely trip –no schedules, no routines, all-you-can-eat mangoes (for me), all-you-can-eat ice cream (for the kids), sun (for the most part) and surf… *sigh*  Can't wait to do it again!


1.  Love – We took Barnaby Bear with us to Cebu this week and Zoë keeps telling us how much she loves him.  Barnaby Bear is their class bear and each child could take him home for one weekend and then go back and share with the class what Barnaby Bear did over the weekend.




2.  Duplicated – {Duplicate chess pieces – white and brown.}  Josh challenging Chris to a game of chess.  Zoë assisting Josh, helping him move the pieces when and where he instructed her.  Chris eventually won this game, but Josh proved to be a worthy opponent, coming up with some really great moves.




3.  Trend or Trending – Lin.  Jeremy Lin.  I have given in to the Lin-sanity that’s overcome everyone who follows basketball.  Even on holiday at the beach, I took time to watch highlights of New York Knicks’ games on YouTube, watch interviews –old and new, –of this amazing kid.  Amazing not just in the way he plays, but amazing in the kind of person he seems to be –humble, grounded, with a good head on his shoulders. The kind of kid about whom you’d say, “His parents brought him up well.”




4.  Paper – Both Josh and Zoë spent a long time at the resort’s Adventure Zone going down the giant slides, climbing the rope gyms, etc.  Zoë even called us to tell us not to go pick them up yet; that she would call us again when they were ready.  They both stayed for the two projects –hat decoration and sand art.  (Okay, I know this is a stretch for paper, but the sand art was on a piece of black paper.)  They’ve both declared that they are going back again tomorrow after we’ve hit the beach and the pool.




5.  Plastic – Zoë hard at work getting water with her plastic bucket to wet the sand to make a sand castle.





MG Atwood said...

Oh that paper shot is my favorite. Very sweet.

Erika B said...

They look so cute in those hats!

Erika B

Lea said...

And a wonderful time was had by all!
Great selections for the Scavenger Hunt!
Lea's Menagerie

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