12 February 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Shadow

1.  Shadow – I was trying to do the hand thing and focus at the same time, but just could not get the shot I wanted.  Chris came to my rescue.  I really love how this turned out.


2. Facial Feature – I’m pretty sure we’re meant to do “human” facial features, but this emu will have to do.  I didn’t have time to be creative with the kids this week.


3.  Spicy – I  was stumped with what to do for this prompt until we were at the supermarket and I saw these Thai chilli peppers.  We bought a pack.  I’m sure we’ll find some use for these other than being props for my photo.


4.  Gold – We were walking through my friend’s farm and I spotted this tree.  I asked her what it was and she said, “I think it’s called Golden Amber or something.”  We had a good laugh about it when her husband said it was actually something else (I can’t remember what it was now!).  Golden Amber sounded prettier.  The picture here doesn’t do it justice.  The leaves were shimmering in the afternoon light and they looked golden against the pale blue sky.


5.  Fabric – I suppose I could use this for Gold above, too.  This was a Lion Dance at our place during Chinese New Year.  The “lions” get really flashy outfits.  Some of them were in gold, like this one;  others were in red or green or purple.



Melanie said...

Gosh. I just LOOOOVE your pictures! The shadow shot is awesome, & the spicy shot is such a great pop of color! Lovely.

Susan said...

LOVE your shadow! Great Emu and spicy too! And your fabric is amazing! Such a great lion!

Erika B said...

Oh wow! That first shot is amazing!

Erika B

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