02 March 2012

Halloween Q Tips

Josh’s class was learning about different kinds of Celebrations and their entire year level put on a production for us earlier this week.  His class’ chosen theme was Halloween.  We were asked to bring in food and goodies related to their chosen theme… AND Josh told me that he had to have a hand in preparing it. 

So I scoured the web for Halloween treats that are easy to make.  I came across some really creative ones, but I was completely sold on these really gross (but yummy!) Halloween Q Tips.  {I’m not posting the original photo here, because it’ll gross you out, just click on the link if you want to see how they look.}   They totally fit the bill –gross, easy-to-make, and yummy!

I don’t like marshmallows at all, but even I had a few sticks and I’m planning to make more this weekend.  They are so yummy, because of the butterscotch.

Please click here for the butterscotch recipe.  You will also need the following:  4” lollipop sticks, mini-marshmallows, sprinkles of your choice.  That’s it.

I am so glad I found the butterscotch recipe, because you could use this over ice cream, too.


I got both Josh and Zoë to help me stick the marshmallows to the ends of the lolli sticks.  I dipped them in butterscotch.  With just the butterscotch, they really look like used ear buds –really gross.  That’s why I’d decided to further add sprinkles to the ends.  Just change the colors of the sprinkles and you could have treats for practically every party theme! They’re like cake pops, but so much easier to make.



tinajo said...

Earbuds..! Haha, that cracked me up - I´m sure the kiddos would love it even looking like that (or maybe even more)! :-D

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