20 March 2012

Oh, My Josh!

Did you know that last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK?  I didn’t, but apparently Josh did, because he totally, totally made melted my heart with what he did that night.

I’d stayed behind at the mall to check out some closing-down sales.  Chris went ahead and took the kids home.  When I finally got home, Josh excitedly met me at the door and Zoë was on the floor wrapping up some gift.  A couple of other gifts were already wrapped up and sitting on a chair cushion, with a note propped up against them.


What Josh wrote on the card totally made me tear up.  What he gave me made tear up some more.  He got me a bag of Hershey’s Kisses, but more than that, he’d included a few coins …. and a $100 bill from his lai see money that he keeps in his wallet.  He then told me, “I wish I had a $1,000 bill, then I would’ve given that to you instead.”  He turned to Chris and earnestly asked if he could borrow one to give to me!

Chris later told me that the whole idea about the gifts and the card was totally Josh’s and said that he’d been asking about Mother’s Day and wanted to ‘surprise’ me with something.  Remember when he told me that he loves me two trillion gazillion, eight thousand, six hundred thousand, three gazillion

Josh may not be outwardly cuddly and snuggly like his sister, but his brand of sweetness is all the more precious because of that.   Oh, how I love my little guy!

Here’s wishing everybody a someone who gives you “forever love”!


Maddy said...

This made me tear up, and he's not even my child :) What a sweetheart! You have the sweetest kids, seriously!

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