18 March 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Nature’s Own

1. Word or Quote – Don’t ask me what these buds are. They’re from my friend’s nursery. And she doesn’t know what they are either.



2.  Nature’s Own – The pond at the Japanese Garden at Josh’s school –nature’s very own mirror.





3.  Vintage – How’s this for vintage?





4.  People – Two of my most favorite people in the world!





5. Photographer’s Choice – Zoë calls this the hula hibiscus, from her days of watching The Little Einsteins.




Leanne said...

Lovely set of photos, beautiful buds in the first one & your children are gorgeous!

Shay said...

Love your first couple of shots!!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful shots. Your "people" are adorable! I love the clear reflections in the pond.

MG Atwood said...

LOVE your quote! ahhh so lovely, and photographer's choice is one of my favorite flowers. Have a great week.

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