25 March 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Whimsy

1.  Whimsy – I was totally at a loss with this prompt.  I finally decided to get out the silly glasses and ask Josh to model them for me.  Could you tell he was not very pleased with the task?


2.  Create – Making pumpkin-shaped fondant cut-outs with which to decorate cookies.


3.  Dust – A dusting of sugar on these candies…


4.  Seed or Sprout – (From the archives) My coriander sprouts


5.  Drop – Dew drops on the leaves



Stephanie said...

Oh he does not look pleased!!
Also wanted to tell you I posted the meme you tagged me in today!

MG Atwood said...

Oh that first shot made me laugh! the dust shot is so pretty, and I like the create. Have a fun week!

Anonymous said...

DUST AND DROP. Awesome awesome interpretation. I love to try to think outside of the box and you totally NAILED it with those two shots. Fantastic job.

~The G is Silent

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