16 March 2012

Sick Day

My baby is home with me this morning.  She was all looking forward to going to school today, because she would have gotten to dress up in one of her princess outfits for Fun Friday.  But she woke up with a fever.


So here she is, settling comfortably on our bed, reading her Angelina Ballerina book.  She did this set-up herself –pulling the husband pillow on the bed, pushing a pillow down so that she could prop up her feet while she read.  Never let it be said that she does not know the art of lounging.


Erika B said...

Hope she feels better soon. Looks like she's real comfy though. Reading my little ones favorite series of books. Favorites since they've got her name on them.

Erika B

Maddy said...

I love this little girl! Even when she's sick, she's hopelessly adorable! Hope she's feeling better though :)

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