27 April 2012

My Drym

Zoë woke up all excited and told us that she wanted to tell us the dream that she had.  She got out her journal and just started writing away!  Words, spelling, drawing, exclamation points… all hers.



I was sleeping.  I woke up.  I ran in the kitchen!  I found a watermelon.  I put a straw and –splat!  I said, “Mom! Dad!  Help!”



“Towel, please!”

The end.


Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk PhotoStory Friday
                               Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

24 April 2012


Zoë’s asked to have a hula hoop of her own for the longest time.
We finally got her one.
It’s quite fun (and funny!) to see her gyrating away!

Hula hoop1

Go, Zoë, go!

{She has finally stopped calling it a hoopa-loop!}

22 April 2012

1.  Something that makes me smile – Zoë doing her worksheets.  I give Josh and Zoë worksheets to do every day.  Zoë loves doing them and would often ask for more when she’s done all the sheets I’ve assigned to her for the day.  She calls them her “homework” and she’d come home from school and as soon as she’s put away her shoes, she calls out, “Mommy, where’s my homework?”  What’s especially gratifying to see is that since being able to read on her own, I just give her the sheets and she reads the instructions herself and goes about doing them independently, stopping to ask only if she’s not sure of something.  I hope she keeps up this love for learning… when she starts Year 1 this fall.





2. Yellow – From a game that Zoë got for her birthday.



3.  Ancient or Antique – My parents gave me this box from their recent trip to China.  This box is neither ancient nor antique, but it has that antique look…





4.  Splash





5.  In the Sun



17 April 2012


Josh is lucky enough to have three of his classmates live where we live.  Sometimes after they come back from school, they get together downstairs and play.

Sometimes they race around in their scooters,
sometimes they just sit and shoot the breeze…


sometimes they make goofy, silly faces
(especially when they know that I have a camera pointed at them)!


15 April 2012

1.  Simple – Zoë’s birthday was yesterday, but we brought a cake to school share with her classmates on Friday.  I had plans of attempting this very elaborate, very pretty pink cake.  But who was I kidding?  I am no Cake Boss (as you can tell from the piping!).  I ended up making a simple strawberry bundt instead.





2.  Grain – Since she already had a birthday cake the day before, we I decided to go with chocolate crinkles for her actual birthday instead.  I might bake another cake next week when my parents are in town and we’ll celebrate again. (Okay, so I know this is a stretch for grain, but the pic does look a bit grainy, right?)





3.  Transportation – Josh’s “transportation” of choice around the playground is his scooter.  He would zoom around and try to race his friends.





4.  Stitch – From the archives, a ‘stitched’ panorama… (tutorial on how to make one here).




5.  Bubbles – The Strawberry Smash for Zoë’s birthday cake… and these are the bubbles from when it started to boil.



Food Photography Challenge

14 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

She is 5 today.
She has looked forward to this day
since almost immediately after she turned 4.
She’s been counting down the months and the days.
She is hoping that she might lose a tooth this year.
So that she’ll get a visit from the tooth fairy.


Even though, technically, she is already a Big Girl, she says that she still wants me to call her Baby Girl, because she will be my baby girl no matter if she’s 4 or 40.
We love you so much, Baby Girl!

10 April 2012

A Little Easter Fun

We had one of the most fun Easters this year.  Zoë had her best friend over for a play date last week and we decorated cookies.  I baked the cookies; my friend took care of the pastel icing and the sprinkles.  The kids totally went town decorating the cookies!


Cookies2 - Copy




Decorating1 - Copy

(Zoë had to have the pink plate, of course!)




Decorating2 - Copy

(Three guesses whose this was!)


Decorating3 - Copy


Josh-writing - Copy

(Josh wrote his name at the back of his cookie with one of the markers with edible ink.)


After they had their fill of messing with the sprinkles and the icing, we headed downstairs for a mini Easter egg hunt.  Josh was kind enough to be the “hider” and let the girls do all the hunting.  He did such a great job hiding them that we couldn’t find one of the eggs until a couple of days later when they went down to play again!






Eggs1 - Copy (Check out how Zoë is carrying her eggs!)


Thanks, T, for helping make it such a fun day!


08 April 2012

1. Obvious – Is it obvious enough from the many, many pairs of legs how crowded it can get here in Hong Kong? This was taken at the pedestrian crossing outside of the Sogo department store this afternoon. This is not even the most crowded I’ve seen this crossing to be…




2.  New – There was plenty of street marketing around Causeway Bay for the new Star Wars Kinect game.  Across the street from this mall were mock-ups of R2D2, of Darth Vader, etc.  There was even a mini flash mob going on with cute little kids wielding light sabres.   I love what they did on this building, though… the XBox seems suspended… and you could see through to the mall inside.





3.  Life – If these were real eggs, there would be “life” inside of them, haha!





4.  Fragrant – Zoë had her best friend over for a play date that included decorating Easter cookies and going on a mini Easter egg hunt.  These cookies smelled so good fresh from the oven!





4.  Pink



01 April 2012

1. Sun Flare – I love sun flares in photos, but they’re still a hit-or-miss for me. I got lucky with this shot here.  To get sun flares right when I want them… that’s definitely on my to-do list this year.




2.  High Angle - Fendi must have had a special event scheduled that day.  Even the ‘balls’ –if you look closely enough, – form the Fendi logo.  Every few seconds or so, the color of the lights would change and the balls would go from purple to red to green to blue.  I thought it was so cool that the balls look suspended in thin air.





3.  Clouds – I couldn’t get any cloud photo at all this week.  I actually would even venture to say that it’s not that easy to get pictures of clouds here in Hong Kong given how smoggy it gets here.  So this here is one from the archives.  I have tons of photos that I haven’t had time to go through… This was taken last summer in Oregon after sunset.





4.  Low Angle – Taken at the same beach as the photo above.  My nephew attempting to build a sand castle (I think).





5.  Seven – If this prompt had come a week earlier, I would have had plenty of subjects to shoot as the annual Rugby Sevens was going on last week.  This week, though, you will just have to settle for a shot of my reading light that I’d bent to make it look like the number 7.  (Texture:  Kim Klassen’s Annabelle)



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