10 April 2012

A Little Easter Fun

We had one of the most fun Easters this year.  Zoë had her best friend over for a play date last week and we decorated cookies.  I baked the cookies; my friend took care of the pastel icing and the sprinkles.  The kids totally went town decorating the cookies!


Cookies2 - Copy




Decorating1 - Copy

(Zoë had to have the pink plate, of course!)




Decorating2 - Copy

(Three guesses whose this was!)


Decorating3 - Copy


Josh-writing - Copy

(Josh wrote his name at the back of his cookie with one of the markers with edible ink.)


After they had their fill of messing with the sprinkles and the icing, we headed downstairs for a mini Easter egg hunt.  Josh was kind enough to be the “hider” and let the girls do all the hunting.  He did such a great job hiding them that we couldn’t find one of the eggs until a couple of days later when they went down to play again!






Eggs1 - Copy (Check out how Zoë is carrying her eggs!)


Thanks, T, for helping make it such a fun day!



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