27 April 2012

My Drym

Zoë woke up all excited and told us that she wanted to tell us the dream that she had.  She got out her journal and just started writing away!  Words, spelling, drawing, exclamation points… all hers.



I was sleeping.  I woke up.  I ran in the kitchen!  I found a watermelon.  I put a straw and –splat!  I said, “Mom! Dad!  Help!”



“Towel, please!”

The end.


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CurvyEveryday said...

How old is she? That's amazing.

tinajo said...

Haha - that´s a wonderful story, love it! Kids have the greatest minds! :-)

MG Atwood said...

How adorable! Such a keepsake.

Anita said...

A future writer, perhaps? She's obviously a smart girl and will probably be capable of a whole lot of diverse occupations as an adult. It would be fun for me to know what she's doing 20 years from now. Maybe, somehow, I will. :)

Susan said...

Oh how precious. Maybe I ought to try that myself.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your comment section bafflse me : ) It changes all the flipping time!

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