08 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Pink

1. Obvious – Is it obvious enough from the many, many pairs of legs how crowded it can get here in Hong Kong? This was taken at the pedestrian crossing outside of the Sogo department store this afternoon. This is not even the most crowded I’ve seen this crossing to be…




2.  New – There was plenty of street marketing around Causeway Bay for the new Star Wars Kinect game.  Across the street from this mall were mock-ups of R2D2, of Darth Vader, etc.  There was even a mini flash mob going on with cute little kids wielding light sabres.   I love what they did on this building, though… the XBox seems suspended… and you could see through to the mall inside.





3.  Life – If these were real eggs, there would be “life” inside of them, haha!





4.  Fragrant – Zoë had her best friend over for a play date that included decorating Easter cookies and going on a mini Easter egg hunt.  These cookies smelled so good fresh from the oven!





4.  Pink




Chicken Licken said...

I particularly love the last pic, nice action sot of sprinkling!

Ida said...

Fun set. Loved all the Easter Stuff like those cookies.

MG Atwood said...

Love the perspective on that first shot. Life is a smile maker.

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