15 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Simple

1.  Simple – Zoë’s birthday was yesterday, but we brought a cake to school share with her classmates on Friday.  I had plans of attempting this very elaborate, very pretty pink cake.  But who was I kidding?  I am no Cake Boss (as you can tell from the piping!).  I ended up making a simple strawberry bundt instead.





2.  Grain – Since she already had a birthday cake the day before, we I decided to go with chocolate crinkles for her actual birthday instead.  I might bake another cake next week when my parents are in town and we’ll celebrate again. (Okay, so I know this is a stretch for grain, but the pic does look a bit grainy, right?)





3.  Transportation – Josh’s “transportation” of choice around the playground is his scooter.  He would zoom around and try to race his friends.





4.  Stitch – From the archives, a ‘stitched’ panorama… (tutorial on how to make one here).




5.  Bubbles – The Strawberry Smash for Zoë’s birthday cake… and these are the bubbles from when it started to boil.



Food Photography Challenge


Miranda said...

I think you're selling yourself a bit short because that cake looks pretty good to me! Love the take on the bubbles (I didn't think about the bubbles created from boiling something). That's also a really beautiful panorama. Really great set.

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