22 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Something That Makes Me Smile

1.  Something that makes me smile – Zoë doing her worksheets.  I give Josh and Zoë worksheets to do every day.  Zoë loves doing them and would often ask for more when she’s done all the sheets I’ve assigned to her for the day.  She calls them her “homework” and she’d come home from school and as soon as she’s put away her shoes, she calls out, “Mommy, where’s my homework?”  What’s especially gratifying to see is that since being able to read on her own, I just give her the sheets and she reads the instructions herself and goes about doing them independently, stopping to ask only if she’s not sure of something.  I hope she keeps up this love for learning… when she starts Year 1 this fall.





2. Yellow – From a game that Zoë got for her birthday.



3.  Ancient or Antique – My parents gave me this box from their recent trip to China.  This box is neither ancient nor antique, but it has that antique look…





4.  Splash





5.  In the Sun




MG Atwood said...

Great set, especially make me smile and splash! Love your antique words and shot.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

What a GREAT splash shot! Love the homework as well. :-D

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