01 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Sun Flare

1. Sun Flare – I love sun flares in photos, but they’re still a hit-or-miss for me. I got lucky with this shot here.  To get sun flares right when I want them… that’s definitely on my to-do list this year.




2.  High Angle - Fendi must have had a special event scheduled that day.  Even the ‘balls’ –if you look closely enough, – form the Fendi logo.  Every few seconds or so, the color of the lights would change and the balls would go from purple to red to green to blue.  I thought it was so cool that the balls look suspended in thin air.





3.  Clouds – I couldn’t get any cloud photo at all this week.  I actually would even venture to say that it’s not that easy to get pictures of clouds here in Hong Kong given how smoggy it gets here.  So this here is one from the archives.  I have tons of photos that I haven’t had time to go through… This was taken last summer in Oregon after sunset.





4.  Low Angle – Taken at the same beach as the photo above.  My nephew attempting to build a sand castle (I think).





5.  Seven – If this prompt had come a week earlier, I would have had plenty of subjects to shoot as the annual Rugby Sevens was going on last week.  This week, though, you will just have to settle for a shot of my reading light that I’d bent to make it look like the number 7.  (Texture:  Kim Klassen’s Annabelle)





Ida said...

Well done.
Sunflare - Gorgeous and what a wonderful quote.
High Angle - Wow that is cool looking.
Low Angle - Adorable, He looks intent on what he's doing.
Clouds - Beautiful
Seven - Clever and great use of the texture.

My Inner Chick said...


I especially loved the Fendi Shot. X

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