22 May 2012

Acquired Taste

Growing up, I was never a fan of Japanese food.  Maybe it was because I never really knew what Japanese food was like beyond “raw fish.”  Eating anything raw seemed totally wrong to me. 


I don’t recall when I first tried sashimi and sushi.  It probably wasn’t particularly momentous or I would remember simply loving them from first taste.  It almost seems that I woke up one day and love Japanese food, all kinds.


Between sashimi and sushi, though, I would always opt for sashimi.  I especially love salmon sashimi and can be at a buffet dinner and eat my fill of only salmon sashimi!   I would eat sushi, but I would not say that I love sushi.


Until these…



On the menu, they’re called Boston Rolls.  I think they might be Philadelphia Rolls (cucumber, salmon, cream cheese).  Regardless, they are the yummiest rolls I’ve ever had.  I could easily down six of these babies in one sitting… and possibly even more! 


Do you like Japanese food?  Do you take your sushi or sashimi with wasabi?

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Mira Crisp said...

I don't really love Japanese food but I can eat it. Maybe I will wake up one morning too and be in love with it. :)

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