08 May 2012

Beach Party at Big Wave Bay

Josh and Zoë were invited to a birthday party last Saturday.  Remember this?  Same birthday boy, same children, similar concept, but at a different beach.  But like last year, the kids all had a blast!

Upon arriving at the beach, Josh immediately took to the water to brave the big waves with his friends.  They would go out, wait for the waves to build, then they would jump as high as they could when they waves came in.  Sometimes they got knocked off balance and would come up sputtering, but they would just jump right back in.  He came running to us at one point and announced, “That’s the best fun I’ve ever had!”

While Josh was busy with his friends, Zoë was practicing her digging skills with her brand new shovel, ahead of the treasure hunt.

To distract the kids and to buy time to bury the “treasures,” the hosts staged a sandcastle-building contest.  The children were given 15 minutes to make a sandcastle.  Josh enlisted Zoë’s help in making his.  He got her running back and forth gathering seaweed for him. 


Truth be told, Josh’s sandcastle was the most barebones of all.  He had no bucket or sand toy to help him, only a small rake.  Yet he somehow managed to emerge as one of the winners!  Each of the four winners got a nifty water bazooka.

The judges (two teacher friends of the hosts) visited each sandcastle and interviewed each child, asking them to say something about the castle they’d made, why they’d constructed it the way they did, who had helped them build it, etc.  Later on, the host told us that Josh had sold his castle to the judges with his presentation skills.  Josh had explained in detail his use of the seaweed to help camouflage his castle and the different traps he’d built underground.  He was so stoked that he won!


As if the excitement of the sandcastle-building contest, the treasure hunt, and jumping the waves was not enough, a paraglider landed on the beach.  A shout of “Look!” and all the kids just took off running towards him.  They followed him around like he was the Pied Piper as he gathered his canopy and worked the strings.

It was such a fun, fun day and I have a feeling we will be hitting Big Wave Bay again this summer.


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