10 May 2012

The Creativity Project | Double Exposure

When Becky (Life with Kaishon) asked me if I would be interested to do the Creativity Project, I was so excited and immediately said yes.  I think Becky is my photography fairy godmother.  Not only has she inspired me with the beautiful photos she takes and her philosophy with regard to photography, she’s been very supportive and had introduced me to Communal Global and a few other fun photo memes… and now she’s brought me in to the Creativity Project, a once-a-month blog circle with a new theme each month.

This month’s theme is double exposure.  I had to google what it is.   Apparently, double exposure is a photographic technique that combines two different images into one single image.  Here is my go at a double exposure image:

I’d merged a photo of street traffic along Gloucester Road (from archives) with an image from our trip to Big Wave Bay this weekend.  This… is one of the things I love about Hong Kong –the fact that you could be right in the heart of the city, yet the beach is only 30 minutes away.

Please head on over to Sharon’s (The Covert Lens) to see what her double exposure image looks like.  While you’re there, drool over her many lovely, lovely images of her pretty, pretty daughter with the gorgeous soulful eyes.


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