06 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | The Macau Edition

We took a day trip to Macau on Friday with my mother-in-law.  After Chris finished visiting one of his clients, we took a walk around City of Dreams and checked out the casino.  Played the slot machines.  Won some, lost some.  It was fun… but I can’t say I wasn't glad when we got out of there.  Even with the great ventilation of the place, it was still too “smoky” for my taste.  While I enjoy the occasional game of mahjong, I somehow don’t particularly enjoy casino games.

1.  Shadow – Macanese almond cookies by the roadside for people to taste-test before buying.


2.  Key – Bear with me on this one; I know it is quite a stretch… (I want to keep the theme of this post consistent with pictures all from our recent trip to Macau.)  This is the back to the facade of the Ruins of St. Paul’s (see photo of the front here)The key to not missing out on a photo like this when all you had with you is your prime lens (50mm/1.8), without having to move a mile away from the subject, is to make sure you have your point-and-shoot with a decent-enough zoom on it.  I couldn’t be bothered with lugging along the bigger lens and, more often than not, I now carry my point-and-shoot with me as a back-up.


3.  Smile – There was a 10-minute multimedia show called Dragon’s Treasure and this guy was right by the entrance to the theatre.


4.  Unedited (SOOC) – A statue by one of the entrances to City of Dreams.


5.  Fish – A mermaid at the Vquarium right outside the casino.



MG Atwood said...

Great job this week. Love the lion. My son was in Hong Kong yesterday.

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