27 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Sheung Wan Edition

I told you I had quite a few more photos from my photo walk with my friend.


1. Capturing Movement (of the flames). This is one of my favorite shots from my photo walk on Monday. These are candle offerings at one of the temples we checked out.




2.  Beneath Your Feet – This man is pushing his little cart of goods along the tram track.





3.  Texture – Natural texture of the wall, on the floor and the steps…




Another one…




4.  Face Your Fears – Crickets.  Or some other kind of insect.   Left out in the  sun to dry.  To be used for medicinal purposes.  I had to get up close to these to get the shot.  Close, very close.  I was worried that some of them might still be alive and might fly out and attack me!




Check out these coils.  I could not make myself to go in for a close-up.




5.  Currently – I am absolutely in love with street photography.  I go about with my DSLR around my neck and my point-and-shoot in my pocket.  As I don’t want to bother with changing lenses, the point-and-shoot comes in very handy for those angles or shots I cannot get with my 50mm/1.8 lens.  Not only that, it’s great for those quick sneaky shots that would have been hard to get if I had my big camera pointed conspicuously at the subject/s.




MG Atwood said...

Fabulous set! Each time I look at your photos, it makes me think I need to return to Hong Kong. The first shot is beautiful!

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