29 May 2012

Some Days

There are days when things just seem to pile up one after another and you don’t seem to catch a break.  The kids don’t listen.  They whine.  Getting through dinner takes forever.  Homework is not yet done and it’s almost bedtime.  Toys are scattered all over.  You yell.  The kids cry.  You feel like a total failure.  You take a deep breath and try to calm down.  The frustration lingers.  You go to bed knowing that you could have and should have handled things differently.


Then there are days when sweetness abounds.  Everything is light.  You come home and homework is done.  Dinner is finished in no time.  You hear peals of laughter as the children play together.  You ask them to do something and you don’t have to ask twice.  They tidy up after themselves.  They willingly offer to help each other (e.g, turn on the light, get a water bottle, etc.)  They accidentally drew on the sofa; they say sorry.  You look and you say, “That’s okay.  Be more careful next time.” You see them working hard together on “projects.”  They bid you not to peek.  They come to you with these.

{A sweet ice cream cone from Zoë, sprinkled with glitter paper punch-outs.}

{A beautiful poster from Josh.}
They wisely tell you, after you’ve kissed and thanked them for the millionth time, that “it is more fun to give than to receive.”  You feel all warm and fuzzy and… light, like you’re floating.   You think to yourself that maybe you are not messing up this parenting thing too badly after all.


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