01 May 2012

This and That

~  Technically it is still spring… but it feels more like we are in the thick of summer already. One could easily break out in a sweat the mere five steps it would take to walk from the door to the elevator.  Just saying.

~  I gave Josh a haircut.  I wish I could be more consistent with how well I do it.  Luckily I haven’t given him a bad buzz (yet).

I make the kids do activity sheets to earn computer or TV time.

~  Both Josh and Zoë will be in the same school this August.  I’m excited about this.  Hopefully, this will mean better coordinated schedules.

~  My mother-in-law is here now visiting with us.  What this means: the occasional mahjong night after the kids are in bed.  It’s amazing how the kids can sleep through the noisy shuffling of the mahjong tiles.

Josh and his friends taking a break between stations during their Sports Day.

~  Zoë has asked to have swimming lessons again.  This time, instead of private lessons, I’ve signed both Josh and Zoë for group lessons (4:1) and they are both having their lessons at the same time, in the same pool, albeit with different coaches.

~  Hard to believe it’s May already.  Two more months of school and it’s summer vacation!  We are so looking forward to seeing my in-laws and getting the kids together with their cousins.  Already Josh and Zoë are counting the weeks to when we leave for Canada.

What do you have planned for May?


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