15 May 2012

Underwater Fun

We spent four days in Bangkok.  Four VERY hot, SCORCHING, SWELTERING, BLISTERING –oh, did I mention hot? –days.  I don’t know what the exact weather temp was, but it felt like the high 30s or low 40s somehow (that’s about 100 – 105oF).  So, that was why, in a city with much shopping to be done and amazing places to visit, we found ourselves at the pool most of the time.

Our underwater point-and-shoot was put to great use. Josh was doing underwater acrobatics and I managed to capture this one of him doing Tom Cruise’s move in that John Woo-directed Mission Impossible movie (MI-2?).

I complained endlessly about the weather there, but one great thing that came out of it was that we spent so much time at the pool that Zoë learned to swim!  She started by  putting her head underwater for longer periods of time and walking towards me… then she found that when she held her breath underwater she floated.  It then just kind of clicked with her that if she held her breath and kicked her legs, she could swim!  After that, there was no stopping her.  A couple of times she would come up sputtering or out of breath, but she kept going, “Okay, one more time…”  It took quite a while to get her out of the pool that day.  Even after I’d dried her off with the towel by the poolside, she somehow managed to slide back into the pool for one more go!  



Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

That is AWESOME! Congrats to Zoe! Glad you found a way to keep cool!

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