18 May 2012

What Brings Me Joy

A sight for sore eyes.
Music to my ears.
The two of them yukking it up and laughing themselves silly on our trip back from Ayutthaya.


I remember when ZoĆ« was still a baby and we were wondering when it would be before Josh and she would start to really enjoy playing together.  More and more these days, we hear them playing with each other, making up stories and telling really crazy jokes, and then laughing their heads off.   They crack themselves up over --

“The Eiffel Tower is an awful tower.”
“Uncle Max has no friends: true or false?  True!”

Such silliness… but it really makes me all fuzzy and warm to see and hear them like this.


Elena said...

That's so great that they get along and are close! Great pic!

Diane said...

ADORABLE:) LOVE their big smiles! Such special memories!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
God Bless,

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