05 June 2012

At Beas River

We met up with good friends on Sunday and headed to Beas River after church.  It was slightly overcast with a prediction of rain.  On the way there, it started to drizzle and we jokingly told the kids that we should turn back.  Of course, they protested.  Loudly.   Luckily, by the time we got there, the rain had stopped. 

We went for a dip in the pool.  Zoë, much more confident now that she could swim, kept going down the slide in the smaller pool.  The same one that, almost a year ago,  she would only get on if we promised to catch her when she came down.  What’s more, she decided that she’s big girl enough to brave coming down the bigger (and faster) slide in the other pool.  …and she did –all by herself!

After lunch, the kids chilled in the play room for a bit, before deciding to go biking.


It was the first time that Josh really got to ride around with the training wheels off.  He had borrowed the bike of a friend and tried it once before, but only for a very  short distance.  This time, he just took off and went around the course as if he had been riding sans training wheels forever.  I’d always thought that we would go through learning to ride a bike like how I did –with either Chris or me running beside him, holding on to the seat of the bike, then slowly letting go once he gets the hang of it.  *Sigh*   Go, Josh, go!


Zoë, of course, not to be left out, got on a bike, too –a purple one to match her shorts and Crocs.


We had such a wonderful day spending time with great friends.  The weather cooperated.  It was lovely, actually –pleasant breeze, not too hot.  Apart from the fact that the mozzies totally feasted on me, –10 bites down one leg and seven down the other leg!  –it was a most awesome day.  Great company, a fun-filled day, and kids who, at bedtime prayers, though totally tuckered out, were so full of thankfulness for a most wonderful day.


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