03 June 2012

Dance Recital

I wish I could show you pictures from Zoë’s dance recital today, but we were not allowed to take any photos during the performance.  Bummer.  The children looked just adorable!


We did manage a brief shoot after the performance.  Brief, because Zoë was tired (and a bit cranky).  I’d dropped her off at the theatre at 12:30pm for the dress rehearsal and she didn’t come out until after the show was over –at 5:30pm!  The snacks that I’d packed for her (sushi and grapes) were not touched at all and she was saying that she was “so thirsty” when she came out.  Poor thing.

Josh and Zoe (1)

Nevertheless, we had a happy girl tonight.  Tired though she was, during bedtime prayers, she enumerated a long list of things that she said she was thankful for :  Being on stage, that we were there to watch her perform,  getting to wear her pretty dress and have a crown of flowers,


the pretty flowers that her friend, B, gave her…

It was a pretty special day.


Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

So sweet! Such fun dresses and flowers! I bet the performance was spectacular!

Naomi said...


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