26 June 2012

Murderous Maths

You would never have caught me reading something like this.

But I am glad that Josh loves books like these.

Because the more that he is able to help himself at mathematics, the better.

I am all for whatever he can find that will help make maths more fun.



From the little that I was able to skim through, the Murderous Maths series of books engages him enough about topics that one (that would be me!) might normally find dry and boring.  The books use language that kids are able to relate to.  It has comic strips and uses aliens to illustrates points. 
Week after week, Josh would come home from school with a new Murderous Maths book.  This has somehow replaced his usual Star Wars book that he would bring home.  Lately, we would find ourselves being quizzed by him about square roots and other math equations.
Ask me now about the square root of 900 or 2025 or the cube root of 729.  My math teachers would be so proud of me now.
Are you a whiz with numbers or are you, like me, more of a word nerd?


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