17 July 2012

Night Out

Saturday nights are date nights.  Chris and I go out for dinner.  Nothing fancy usually and we don’t really venture too far.  Last Saturday, though, Chris had some overseas colleagues in town and we took them out to Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.  




The food, though a bit pricy, was fantastic.  After dinner, we went one floor up to the open-air rooftop bar.  The view up there?  Was amazing.




I absolutely dislike the smell of cigarettes and I don’t enjoy going to bars because of that, but because this one is open-air, I didn’t mind as much.  




I had fun people-watching.  Groups of young people out for a carefree night, dressed to be seen, throwing their heads back as they laugh with abandon.  I caught snippets of look-at-me, see-how-cool-I-am kind of lines being bandied about.  A very interesting scene.  Made me wonder if that was how we appeared to other people when we were younger and used to visit bars back in our days.



This picture below is what I saw when I looked up.  It made me dizzy.  Because the clouds were moving, it felt like the building was swaying.  (No, I did not have any alcohol.)  I thought it looked kind of cool, though… like a scene you might see in a Batman movie, don’t you think?
What’s going on in your part of the world?
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