19 August 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Morning Light

1.  Morning Light – One of the good things out of being jet-lagged is waking up really early and catching views like this outside our window.  The last few days, Josh and I shared early morning moments where we just sat and looked outside the window and whispered to each other about how beautiful the view is. 

Both Josh and Zoë climbed onto our bed at 5-ish this morning.  Josh told us about one of his ‘good’ dreams and we had conversations about gold and diamonds, about getting another goldfish “so that he could mate” (Josh’s words) with the one we already have.  Zoë snuggled.  Then we looked up and saw this…


2. Forest – We took the kids hiking to Golden Ears Provincial Park last year and they have since referred to hikes as a “walk in the forest.” This year, we did a short 3km walk around the Myra Canyon area and while it was not as thick with trees as the trail we did at Golden Ears, they got their “walk in the forest” fix. This trail was actually easier for me as it was pretty flat and I was not huffing and puffing like I was when we did the hike last year!


3.  Touch – We visited the Vancouver Aquarium a couple of weeks ago and one of the best parts for me was their new (to me, anyway) tropical rainforest section.  You step through the doors and you’re transported to a re-creation of a South American tropical rainforest.  Butterflies were flying freely about everywhere.  You could pretty much reach out and touch them…


4.  Newspaper – (From the archives) We get most of our news online and don’t get the newspaper, so it was rather nice to see Josh taking to the newspaper and poring over the articles during our flight to Malaysia last year.


5.  Coffee or Tea – Definitely a tea person.  I have to have at least a couple of cups of (green) tea every day.   Procrastinator that I am, I kept putting off taking photos for this week until tonight and now I don’t have any tea photo to show for it!  I leave you instead with a glass of wine from one of our wine-tasting trips when we were in Kelowna.  Let’s just pretend that I felt rather fancy and wanted to have my tea in a wine glass!


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