05 August 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Going Back in Time

1. Going Back in Time – The trestles at Myra Canyon.  We went for a walk earlier this week and managed to walk across two trestles.  The kids did pretty well, walking the whole 3+ kilometers, despite a couple of brief downpours.  For history buffs, here is the complete story behind the trestles.

Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (4)

2.  Something Just for Me


3.  Best Part of My Day – I don’t have an answer for this.  I love mornings, because I love waking up to the kids’ climbing up onto our bed.  I love the kids’ bedtime, because of all the snuggles and kisses and the quiet (or sometimes not-so-quiet) family time.  I also love it once the kids are off to dreamland and I have quiet time.


4.  Night & Day – If you look closely at Zoë’s rainbow face paint, you’ll see that she had the colors of night and day represented there… and some stars to boot!


5.  Look Up – After dinner, at a nearby park.



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