30 September 2012

We decided to do tie-dyed shirts on Friday, as the kids were off school for a mini-break.   I had been planning this project for some time, but hadn’t had time to go out and hunt for white tees.  I finally found some Mini Boden shirts for only HK$10 each (that’s only US$1.30)!

1) Yellow – Josh adding yellow drops to his shirt.

This was one of the ways we “tied” the shirts –putting marbles on the fabric and tying a rubber band around to secure them.  This turned out to be the one way that turned out the best results so far.  You get these cool circles on the shirts.  (See below).

2) Getting Ready -  I had 10 different colors of fabric dye.  We just had to boil some water to dissolve the dye and put them in cups.  I found some old syringes and we used those to squirt the dye onto the fabric.


3) Bright – We came up with some very brightly-colored shirts.  This one is Josh’s.   I really like how his came out.


4) Teeny Tiny – Do you know how we could tell this one is Zoë’s?  I couldn’t at first, –they look pretty similar! –until Zoë reminded us that hers has that teeny tiny red dot on the yellow circle somewhere in the middle.  Can’t get anything past her, that girl.  Could you see it?


5) Connections – This was the first one we did and we were a bit too cautious about putting too much dye on the shirt and didn’t “soak” it through, hence the missed “connections” between the colors.  It doesn’t look too bad, though, does it?


We had so much fun doing that that I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon.  As soon as I find plain white tees in my size.  I want my own shirt this time!

26 September 2012

Quarterly Top 5 | Jul–Sep 2012

Time for another Quarterly Top 5 with Amber at Click.Pray.Love, Sarah at NapTime MomTog, and Ashley at Ramblings and Photos.



Here are my top 5 favorites of this quarter (in no particular order):


1) This one here of my daughter and my niece.  I’m not quite sure what it is about the picture, but I love, love, love it.  These two were inseparable this summer and it’s a pity we live so far apart and only get to see them once a year.  This was taken on one of their after-dinner walks.  They were picking dandelions and blowing off the seed heads, and chatting as they walked along.





2)  Zoë got her face painted by this fab face painter at a Farmers’ Market we went to.  The face painter’s name happened to be Zoë, too!  All Zoë’s are awesome.  Just saying.





3)  My golden girl enjoying her time on the swing.





4)  I was working hard all summer to get good sun flare pictures and this one has to be one of my favorites. 


Bouncy castle fun (1)



5)  Whenever we go to the airport, Josh and Zoë love sitting on the empty luggage carts and getting wheeled around.   Caught this cute moment right before we had to surrender the cart before boarding.



I love the pics that I get of the two of them together.  Those are my favorites. 

25 September 2012

Further to the photos I’d shared in my Sunday post, here are some more from my photo walk last week.


I love taking pictures of the elderly.  Their faces are so interesting, so marked with the many stories they’ve lived through. Oftentimes when I ask to take their pictures, they would usually smile gummily, waving me off,




asking why would I even want to take photos of someone as old as they are,




that I should go off and take pictures of younger, more beautiful people.




When my friend and I went for a photo walk in North Point, we had no prior plans of shooting only elderly people, but in my case, that’s mostly what I got.




I basically stood in one spot, settings adjusted, eye to viewfinder and snapped away. 




I felt more comfortable doing this, as people would already see me with my camera, knowing that I’d be taking photos. They could either choose to walk into my view range… or not.




Yes, there were the few shots that I had to sneak around to take, though.



(I just had to keep this shot in color!)



Marble Road, where we went, is basically a busy stretch with lots of little street stalls. 




There are also butcher shops,




shops that sell fresh fish and other seafood,




and shops selling fresh veggies and fruits,




so pretty much on any morning, you’d see people going about their daily shopping.






What do you do when you have to shoot strangers?


23 September 2012

I had another photo walk with my friend on Friday.  We didn’t feel like venturing too far, so we decided to head on to North Point.  We mainly focused on one stretch –Marble Road.  It’s such an interesting part of town.  Not so much “views”-wise, but boy, the faces, the “life” that’s happening there. 

1) Cracked – This huge butcher’s knife has made countless little cracks on the chopping block…


2) Fallen – Picking up the fallen cardboard boxes and re-folding them… These little old ladies are bent from years of hard work pushing those carts of flattened cardboard boxes to sell. They collect these (delivery) boxes from establishments, flatten them, pile them up, then push them to a center that buys these cartons from them.

(Psst, I’d entered this shot above in a local photo contest (My Hong Kong).  I’d love it if could help vote for me –only if you like this photo, of course –by clicking on this link here.  The Top 10 photos with the most votes will be forwarded to a panel of judges for final selection.   Thank you ever so much!)

Here is a shot of another one of those little old ladies who collect cardboard boxes and take them to sell.  It breaks my heart to see them, because I couldn’t picture my own grandmothers having to do this. 


3) Ordinary Color


4) Bokeh – Not brilliant bokeh here, but I’ll take whatever bokeh I can get.


5) Fence – Super stretch on this one… Pretend that that pole she’s holding is an épée, okay?  This lady is hooking up a (moon festival) lantern, so that she could hang it up at the front of her shop.  This time of the year, the lanterns come out in preparation of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

21 September 2012


I’d spent one whole morning searching high and low for both of our cordless handsets.  I’d tried calling the home number, but to no avail, because I guess both handsets were out of juice.

Guess who was the culprit?


We eventually found one of the handsets in Zoë’s purse.  The other one we found later on inside one of the cabinets.  When interrogated, her only defense was “I wanted to be like Sharpay (of High School Musical).  She has a phone in her bag.  The cabinet was my pretend locker.”

Oh, Zoë, Zoë, Zoë.

18 September 2012

Disney in Black and White

Zoë loves musicals.  I think I’ve mentioned that before.  Last Saturday, when we visited Disneyland, we made sure to catch The Lion King show.  Then we got sidetracked by the carousel, the teacup ride, the parade, It’s a Small World, the Winnie the Pooh ride, and the Buzz Lightyear ride.

We were about to leave when we saw that the Golden Mickeys show was about to start.  Chris and Josh left us girls to it, while they headed off to have another go at shooting Zurg at the Buzz Lightyear ride.

We were on standby admission and were the last two admitted in!  I figured that we probably would get awful seats, but it’s almost as if the gods conspired to fuel Zoë’s love for musicals.  The usher led us to front row seats!


Even though the dialogue parts of the show were in Cantonese, Zoë still thoroughly enjoyed it.  How could she not?  Up close and personal with Minnie Mouse and the other characters;  she was also treated to a smorgasbord of Disney songs and snippets from the movies.   


She oohed and aahed when she saw Ariel swooshing her tail, when she saw Belle dance with the Beast.  She even thought Quasimodo was a great dancer!

Afterwards, she told me that the Golden Mickeys is even better than the Lion King show.  Of course, she would think that… with all the glitz and glamour, it’s totally her cup of tea.

16 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Kiss

I haven’t had a chance to take out my camera this week, apart from our trip to Disneyland yesterday, so a couple of the pics here are taken from the archives.

1) Kiss – From the archives… one of my all-time favorite shots of the kids.


2) Askew – This one is from the archives, too.  From two years ago, I think…  Zoe’s shades here are slightly askew.  This is one of favorite photos of my two kiddies.

Cool Dudes of Summer

3) Fragrant


4) Simple – Out of all the Disney “princesses,” Tinker Bell’s outfit is the simplest.


5) Plant – She’s supposed to be some kind of plant…


11 September 2012

This month, each one of us at The Creativity Project will share a glimpse of what life is like at our respective houses. 

Life at our house can be summarized in three words:  a beautiful mess.  (Okay, sometimes not so beautiful.)  At any one day if you decide to drop in on us, you will most likely find scraps of paper here and there, toys peeking out from under the sofa, perhaps a face cloth hanging on the back of a chair, a couple of mugs on the table, stuff set aside for recycling lying in a pile by the door… I am not good at keeping things very neat.  I try.  Oh, I try. But.
Even th0ugh I have two big Ikea bins filled with workbooks for the kids (one for each), I still have the odd workbook lying around or I still have worksheets strewn about somewhere.  (Psst, in case you don’t know it yet, but I find that worksheets are a good trading currency for screen time.  Sneaky of me, I know.)


We always have lots and lots of books lying around –some ours, some borrowed from the library.  Both Chris and I love to read, so we have our pile.  The kids have their own pile, too.   It used to be that when all is quiet, the kids would somehow be up to some mischief.  Nowadays when they are quiet, I often find them reading a book.  Books lying around?  I’m not too fussed.  Except when they go calling out, “Has anyone seen my book?  Where is my book?!”


Lest you think that we’re a bunch of bookworms, we are not just about books and worksheets.  We play a lot of music and we watch our share of videos.  The collection you see below are mostly Zoë’s favorites.  She loves musicals.  Ask her about High School Musical and she will give you the rundown on Gabriella, Troy, Taylor, Sharpay, Ryan…. Lately, though, we have Glee songs playing all the time.  Zoë sings along at the top of her lungs.  She got me to print out the lyrics to the songs, so she could follow along.  She is inhaling all things Glee.   Josh and she would occasionally put on “performances” for us –complete with admission tickets!


We are your regular nutty family.  We’re loud (actually, only Josh).  We yell (me and Josh).  We sing (some of us off key –not naming names!)  We’re not good at being neat (except for Chris).   We bicker and tease,  we hug and kiss –a lot.  That… is life at our house.
Now head on over to Sharon’s blog (The Covert Lens) and see what life at her house is like.  I bet you’ll probably see photos of her lovely daughter and maybe even her beautiful dog. 

This month we are so lucky to have the amazing Susan Keller (Short on Words) join The Creativity Project as our Guest Photographer.  She takes wonderful, wonderful photos.  Trust me.  Visit her blog and you’ll know what I mean.

One last thing (I promise!)… Don’t forget to visit the Creativity Project on our Facebook page.  Please feel free to ‘Like’ us and share with us what life is like at your house; we’d love to see!

09 September 2012

1)  Monochromatic – Pottinger Street around six-ish in the evening.  A few of the shops were closing down for the day.  I was lucky to catch the man selling ribbons and tassels.  I need some to make lanterns.  Josh wanted to have an entry for the Chinese lantern-making competition at his school.


2)  Starts with the letter…B!


3)  Upside Down – The reflection of the duck in the water is “upside down.”  This was the only thing I have for this prompt, short of posting an old photo of Zoë doing a hand stand.


4)  Hair – When Zoë was a baby, she was almost bald.  People would often ask if she was a boy or a girl.  I waited for so long before I could put a hair clip on her and then she would have none of that; she would just yank it off.  Now, it’s a different story.  She lets me play with her hair and she would tell me what she wants me to do with her hair –whether she wants a French braid, a fishtail braid, a simple ponytail, pigtails, or simply wearing a head band, with her hair down.


5)  Soft – Made some peanut butter cookies yesterday.  Fresh from the oven, they were soft and chewy… just the way I like them.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday
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