02 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | The Black & White Edition

I am having a serious crush on black and white processing lately.   I love how it can either strip the photo down to bare basics or add flair and drama to it.  


1. Toys – The chess set started out as just a toy, with the pieces being moved about with no particular purpose; with pieces being used as stand-ins to dolls and figurines. These days, though, it’s being put to proper use. Josh is getting very into chess and would often challenge Chris to a game. He has yet to win a game, but he is getting better at it. They had a draw on their last game.



2.  Candid – I had wanted to simply capture a relaxed dining setting and only noticed when I got back home that I had caught the lady midway into shoving food into her mouth!





3.  Any of the Five Senses – Taken from a foot bridge.  There was a couple taking a ciggy break next to me when I was taking the photo.  I would have lingered and tried different angles, but I just could not stand the smoke and had to get out of there fast!






4.  Batteries – You can be sure that this train was NOT run on batteries.  This is a steam locomotive from the Kettle Valley Steam Railway.  We went for a ride in it when we went to Summerland and it was a really cool experience.  The view along the way was amazing and it was just plain fun –what with being serenaded by a banjo-playing entertainer, observation games for the kids, and various anecdotes shared by the conductor throughout the ride.





5.  Half – The roof of the waiting shed makes it look like the tram had been cut in half.



Scavenger Hunt Sunday


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