23 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Marble Road Edition

I had another photo walk with my friend on Friday.  We didn’t feel like venturing too far, so we decided to head on to North Point.  We mainly focused on one stretch –Marble Road.  It’s such an interesting part of town.  Not so much “views”-wise, but boy, the faces, the “life” that’s happening there. 

1) Cracked – This huge butcher’s knife has made countless little cracks on the chopping block…


2) Fallen – Picking up the fallen cardboard boxes and re-folding them… These little old ladies are bent from years of hard work pushing those carts of flattened cardboard boxes to sell. They collect these (delivery) boxes from establishments, flatten them, pile them up, then push them to a center that buys these cartons from them.

(Psst, I’d entered this shot above in a local photo contest (My Hong Kong).  I’d love it if could help vote for me –only if you like this photo, of course –by clicking on this link here.  The Top 10 photos with the most votes will be forwarded to a panel of judges for final selection.   Thank you ever so much!)

Here is a shot of another one of those little old ladies who collect cardboard boxes and take them to sell.  It breaks my heart to see them, because I couldn’t picture my own grandmothers having to do this. 


3) Ordinary Color


4) Bokeh – Not brilliant bokeh here, but I’ll take whatever bokeh I can get.


5) Fence – Super stretch on this one… Pretend that that pole she’s holding is an épée, okay?  This lady is hooking up a (moon festival) lantern, so that she could hang it up at the front of her shop.  This time of the year, the lanterns come out in preparation of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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