30 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | The Tie-Dyed Edition

We decided to do tie-dyed shirts on Friday, as the kids were off school for a mini-break.   I had been planning this project for some time, but hadn’t had time to go out and hunt for white tees.  I finally found some Mini Boden shirts for only HK$10 each (that’s only US$1.30)!

1) Yellow – Josh adding yellow drops to his shirt.

This was one of the ways we “tied” the shirts –putting marbles on the fabric and tying a rubber band around to secure them.  This turned out to be the one way that turned out the best results so far.  You get these cool circles on the shirts.  (See below).

2) Getting Ready -  I had 10 different colors of fabric dye.  We just had to boil some water to dissolve the dye and put them in cups.  I found some old syringes and we used those to squirt the dye onto the fabric.


3) Bright – We came up with some very brightly-colored shirts.  This one is Josh’s.   I really like how his came out.


4) Teeny Tiny – Do you know how we could tell this one is Zoë’s?  I couldn’t at first, –they look pretty similar! –until Zoë reminded us that hers has that teeny tiny red dot on the yellow circle somewhere in the middle.  Can’t get anything past her, that girl.  Could you see it?


5) Connections – This was the first one we did and we were a bit too cautious about putting too much dye on the shirt and didn’t “soak” it through, hence the missed “connections” between the colors.  It doesn’t look too bad, though, does it?


We had so much fun doing that that I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon.  As soon as I find plain white tees in my size.  I want my own shirt this time!


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