11 September 2012

The Creativity Project | Life at Our House

This month, each one of us at The Creativity Project will share a glimpse of what life is like at our respective houses. 

Life at our house can be summarized in three words:  a beautiful mess.  (Okay, sometimes not so beautiful.)  At any one day if you decide to drop in on us, you will most likely find scraps of paper here and there, toys peeking out from under the sofa, perhaps a face cloth hanging on the back of a chair, a couple of mugs on the table, stuff set aside for recycling lying in a pile by the door… I am not good at keeping things very neat.  I try.  Oh, I try. But.
Even th0ugh I have two big Ikea bins filled with workbooks for the kids (one for each), I still have the odd workbook lying around or I still have worksheets strewn about somewhere.  (Psst, in case you don’t know it yet, but I find that worksheets are a good trading currency for screen time.  Sneaky of me, I know.)


We always have lots and lots of books lying around –some ours, some borrowed from the library.  Both Chris and I love to read, so we have our pile.  The kids have their own pile, too.   It used to be that when all is quiet, the kids would somehow be up to some mischief.  Nowadays when they are quiet, I often find them reading a book.  Books lying around?  I’m not too fussed.  Except when they go calling out, “Has anyone seen my book?  Where is my book?!”


Lest you think that we’re a bunch of bookworms, we are not just about books and worksheets.  We play a lot of music and we watch our share of videos.  The collection you see below are mostly Zoë’s favorites.  She loves musicals.  Ask her about High School Musical and she will give you the rundown on Gabriella, Troy, Taylor, Sharpay, Ryan…. Lately, though, we have Glee songs playing all the time.  Zoë sings along at the top of her lungs.  She got me to print out the lyrics to the songs, so she could follow along.  She is inhaling all things Glee.   Josh and she would occasionally put on “performances” for us –complete with admission tickets!


We are your regular nutty family.  We’re loud (actually, only Josh).  We yell (me and Josh).  We sing (some of us off key –not naming names!)  We’re not good at being neat (except for Chris).   We bicker and tease,  we hug and kiss –a lot.  That… is life at our house.
Now head on over to Sharon’s blog (The Covert Lens) and see what life at her house is like.  I bet you’ll probably see photos of her lovely daughter and maybe even her beautiful dog. 

This month we are so lucky to have the amazing Susan Keller (Short on Words) join The Creativity Project as our Guest Photographer.  She takes wonderful, wonderful photos.  Trust me.  Visit her blog and you’ll know what I mean.

One last thing (I promise!)… Don’t forget to visit the Creativity Project on our Facebook page.  Please feel free to ‘Like’ us and share with us what life is like at your house; we’d love to see!


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